The End of Civilization as We Know It - A New Era in Website Development

The digital age of marketing is quickly transforming everything we’ve ever known and practiced within our traditional marketing activities. Although a great deal of principles, strategies and tactics of traditional marketing has made the cut and will still continue (at least for now) as staples, for the most part, we are forced to rethink, everything marketing.

Looking at Website Design Development in a New Way

Website design and development usually follows a very long and tedious process that can literally from concept to completion go on for up to 2 to 4 years and carry a price, that can knock small businesses out of the ballgame. By the time you’re ready to launch your new website, it’s already looking dated. (Fade out)

(Fade in) Growth-Driven Design (GDD), this new and innovative approach of website development and design marks the end of civilization as we know it.

What is Growth-Driven Design?

Just as the Agile methodology for software development completely changed the way we approach that process, creating a more streamlined, faster, and progressive, not to mention, cost-effective way of getting the product out to our market is the goal of GDD. The concept of improving the product as-we-go, and creating a product that resonates with our targeted audience is the basis of GDD. Agility is the key, and gaining the ultimate knowledge of our targeted markets is the foundation GDD’s approach to website design and development.

We have approached a time and age when it is absolutely critical to your business to have a well- designed website that is absolutely relevant and resonates with your target market. “Additionally, your website is also your “best salesperson”. It’s been said that a prospect has already moved through 70% of the sales process before even reaching out to your sales team. Where are they finding the information before talking to someone? – Your website.” Luke Summerfield | @SavvyLuke | Partner Services Program Manager, HubSpot.

Today is a good day to start taking a deep look into your visitor’s website activities and determine if your goals are being met through the conversion goals you’ve set up to reach your business and marketing overall goals. If you’re not seeing the numbers you anticipated, you may need to consider your next website redesign, but this time, consider working with an agency, or web developer that specializes in Growth-Driven Design, and enter the new world of website design and development and the end of civilization as you know it.

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