Trying to Figure Out Where to Start with Your Website's Content?

Your website is your most valued business asset, it is the center of your businesses’ universe. Today, the customers are the ones calling the shots and determining when they are ready to patronage your business which mean they have to know you exist. As a business owner you need to know how to attract them, but before you can attract them you first need to consider the following questions:

  • Who are my customers?

  • Where do they hang out?

  • What do they like?

  • What do they talk about?

  • How do they shop?

  • What pain points in their lives can my product or service cure?

  • How do I to reach them?

The above questions are really just the tip of the iceberg and can be segmented down to very specific points. But, these are some of the fundamental questions or high level facts, which are the beginning of how you structure and design your website, as well as what type of content you will need to attract your target customer, and give them what they’re looking for while on your site.

Designing your website is not something you can haphazardly embark on. Every bit of content must be well thought out prior to launching to the public. It will always and forever remain a living site that should become more and more optimized as you become more knowledgeable of your market. The more you know about your targeted market the more relevant your content will be and thus, earning your company a higher rating with search engines such as Google and Bing. Your goal is for your website’s content to resonate with your target market which should result in more visits to your website, which in-turn will trigger to the search engines that your site is relevant to your product or service and therefore your chances for being in the top 5 position on search engine result pages are greater, now, you’ve reached gold status.

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