Content Remains King in 2015

Content marketing, you’ve heard that term being thrown around in connection with digital marketing. How important is content marketing for your business? Let me ask that question another way…..How important is a content marketer to your digital marketing team? The answer to either question is, content marketing being conducted by a skilled content marketer is absolutely key to the success of any digital marketing effort, in a nutshell.

Top 3 Predicted Content Trends in 2015

Moving forward into 2015 content holds its position as king, while analytics sit on the right of the throne in the queen’s position. Content, will wear some pretty fancy hats in 2015, we will see more content in the form of:

  • Storytelling

  • Audio/podcasting

  • Video

According to The Content Marketing Institute “Content marketing’s purpose is to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing consumer behavior. It is an ongoing process that is best integrated into your overall marketing strategy, and it focuses on owning media, not renting it.” We see that the consistency in how we use content to be ever evolving just as with technology. Technology changes human behavior and the way we communicate and market to our web audience must keep up with the pace of technology in order to stay relevant.

We will be discussing more on the top three content trends as we start to see them unfold more in 2015.

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