What Exactly are "Best Practices", How Much Importance Should You Put On Them?

Hold on tight, it's moving fast, going up and then dropping down hard, twisting and turning. No, I'm not talking about the newest roller coaster at Six Flags, although it is indeed a roller coaster, this happens to be the virtual roller coaster of social media marketing.


A lesson that social media marketing has taught us is that trends come and go. Behavior patterns of consumers change like the weather. It piggybacks on the old saying, "Nothing is ever state-of-the-art". This is why no one person can claim to be "an expert" in social media marketing. It's impossible to be an expert at something like social media marketing. You can, though, aspire to be, "an expert" in keeping up with social behavior trends of consumers. At the end of the day, that's really what it is all about. Do not allow yourself to get stuck in what people consider, "best practices". What's "best practices" today will be something else tomorrow. It is up to you if you are a social media strategist to create best practices that best fits who you are targeting, the industry, and current behavior of that particular consumer.

Pay close attention to the ways in which the world is turning, and what is currently trending in terms of not just your product, but life in general. What's in the headlines of the news, in the "Now Trending" box on Twitter. It is down these avenues where you will want to see if/where your product fits in with a certain movement, or state-of-mind and from there make an emotional appeal to your target audience. In other words, inspire your audience with what's currently trending. Through your social messaging appeal to all the relevant senses and offer them something valuable, to ease the pain, feel safer, go party, or whatever the sentiment may be at that moment.

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