Can Re-thinking How We View Education Lead to a Happier Life?


Notes from Sir Ken Robinson's, "Bring on the Learning Revolution!"

We are faced with a second climate crisis and must deal with urgency. Not talking about a natural resource, but a crisis of human resource. We make poor use of our talents, most people go through life not knowing their talents.

Lots of people go through life not liking what they do, just go through life simply making it. Then there are people who love what they do, but not true of enough people. Education can be the culprit that is the cause of some people not being in a life they're not happy with, not liking what they do.

Reform is not the answer, we don't need evolution but revolution in education. Education must be transformed into something else. Must innovate fundamentally, it’s hard, because it's not easy, tyranny of common sense. Many of our ideas have been formed, and our minds are hypnotized by them. If you're a little older, 25 and above, we take a lot of things for granted, It's hard to figure out what we take for granted, because we take them granted :-), like wearing a wristwatch that people 25 and under feel are a waste of time because they are digital babies, and use of multi-functional devices that include the time. From what the 25 and up person is used to, a wristwatch is an essential accessory. There are things we're enthralled with. Life is not linear it's organic. We are obsessed with getting people into college, we feel like without it we're nothing. Human communities depend on a diversity of talent, not a single conception of ability. At the heart of our challenge is to reconstitute our sense of ability.

Life is about passion, whatever our passions are or is, what excites our spirit and our energy. If you're doing the thing you love, then time takes a different course entirely. If you're doing something you love an hour feels like 5 minutes. We need to change the metaphor from an industrial, manufactured model, based on linearity, conformity, and batching people, to a more principle based, agricultural. Recognize that human flourishing is an organic process, cannot predict the outcome of human development, can only create conditions under which they will flourish. Speaking in terms of education, not cloning a system, but customize to your circumstances and personalizing education to people you're teaching, creating a movement in education where people develop their own solution but with external support based on a personalized curriculum. Technology combined with extraordinary talents teachers provide, an opportunity to revolutionize education. Vital to ourselves and the future of our children.

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