5 Tips to Get Your Creative Juices Gushing With Content Marketing Ideas


How many of you are familiar with Monty Python? Back in the 80’s, which may seem like the dark ages to a great deal of you, we couldn’t get enough of the dry, oh so funny and sometimes very risqué humor of John Cleese aka Monty Python. He literally had me on the floor holding my stomach and begging him to stop.

Ordinarily, he wouldn’t come to mind while I’m trying to figure out how to come up with creative ideas for content marketing strategies, but guess what? Turns out, just like his off the wall comedy sketches presented on Monty Python, he has some very encouraging and out of the ordinary suggestions on coming up with creative content marketing strategies.

Here are 5 of his suggestions summarized:

  • Space

  • Time

  • Time

  • Confidence

  • Humor

Let’s break this down into very brief specifics…..

  • SPACE – Create a space away from disturbances, an oasis, and meaning, not confined at your desk or in a war room with tons of other people. Space as in open outdoors, garden, ocean, or anywhere that is nothing close to being locked up and confined.

  • TIME – Create space for a specific period of time. It will take effort to absolutely sell yourself the time slot or else it won’t work.

  • TIME – Play is possible when away from everything else. Must allow at least 1 ½ hours, not too much time, not too little time. Prepare to tolerate the anxiety that goes along with solving a problem. It’s a discomfort, but if you can see it through, you will come up with a much more thought out and creative solution.Spread it out over time, if possible, if your creative solutions are not due until Tuesday, and it's Friday, then don’t rush it, take all the time you can afford. You need plenty of play time.