Digital Marketing Workshops


Learn today's online marketing techniques through concentrated workshops and find out how to build a successful and integrated digital marketing strategy for your organization.


In addition to the bulleted topics, in each workshop we will discuss all the pertinent areas to consider such as best practices, PPC, content marketing, analytics, and how to determine KPI's that will help your company not only meet it's online marketing goals but also play a crucial role in identifying your target audience personas and their online behavior patterns. Through such targeted data, you will position your company to extend its online reach and bring a more personable brand awareness to your particular market which will result in a greater conversion rate.

Social Media Channel Basics Workshop


This hour workshop will cover social media marketing by channels and the importance of understanding how to choose and engage the appropriate ones for your particular industry and goal. The presentation includes:


  • A review of general social networks and distinct uses

  • Coverage of vertical B2B social networks

  • Engaging by activity: commenting, sharing, supporting

  • Best practices by channel for engagement

  • Understanding target behavior by channel

  • A review of social media Monitoring and management tools

SEO Workshop

This SEO workshop will cover the practice of improving and promoting your company's website to increase the number of visitors the site receives from search engines. Areas to be covered:


  • SEO Basics

  • How to develop a keyword plan that yields revenue

  • What Google wants

  • How to content plan for effective SEO

  • How to pair social with SEO for success

  • Key factors to on-page optimization

  • Backlinking strategy

  • SEO monitoring and reporting tools review

Email Marketing Workshop


In this email marketing workshop, you will discover the power of email marketing its direct line of communication for conversion to sales. Also, how to deliver quality, niche specific content your prospect needs and shares with others. Areas to be covered:


  • How to integrate email marketing

  • The importance of an email list and how to formulate one

  • How to formulate your email messaging

  • How to use incentives and lead magnets

  • How to create a squeeze page

  • Creating signup forms and how they work on your website

  • Deciding on the right email marketing platform for your company

Social Media Planning Workshop


This social media workshop delivers the basics on how to set up for effective Social Media Marketing. Areas we will cover:


  • An overview of trends affecting online branding via social media

  • How to align an appropriate social media team

  • How to content plan

  • How to set up the appropriate social media channel mix

  • B2B client case study of social media planning

  • A review of social media monitoring and management tools