Mobile Marketing

Consumers behave differently when using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, which have different functionalities and capabilities. Building the right strategies with your brand mean having a deep understanding of not just your target audiences personas, but also in-depth analysis and understanding of their behavior. Knowing when  and how users view your content on mobile is essential.


Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing


According to AdAge, A whopping 99.5% access content/information, 63.1% access the Internet, 62.1% check email, 49.2% listen to music, 46% play games, 41.7% download, and use apps, 15% make purchases and 15% read books on their mobile device which includes smartphones and tablets. By 2018 70% of all digital marketing will be done on mobile devices. These statistics speak for themselves, why your business needs to have a mobile marketing strategy in order to stay competitive and relevant in today's market.



Best Practices for Mobile Marketing Campaigns


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